Monday, August 10, 2009

c8 to c10 to 32 centers

This pattern is an adaptation of a c8 pattern in one of the Japanese books. It is a SAL (Stitch-Along) in the Temari Challenge yahoo group, and has been very interesting.

The pattern consists of stitching around the main shapes squares, pentagons, or small pentagons, and layering those shapes with the triangles that tie them together. Then in 2 of the temari there is additional stitching between the main shapes. (On the large pentagons I left off that last step.)


Below you can see the 3 temari in this set so far. I wanted to stitch them in coordinating colors so you can compare the changes in the design without being distracted by different colors. However, this one was stitched in Pearl #8, and I did not have exactly the same shades. The over-all effect is very similar, though. I debated and debated with myself whether to add another row on the pentagons and triangles on this latest one. I couldn't tell, because the guide-lines were still there. I decided not to, and took out the guide-lines, and now I wish I had added another row, but once the guide-lines were gone it was too late.


Debi talked about the different scale on these temari in her post. This has been a very interesting experiment, and I want to stitch the c6, but I am not going to stitch the 42 centers, unless I can see some one's example and it is very different from the 32 centers. This one took a long time to stitch. The 32 centers turned out very similar to the c10; the only difference was the scale.