Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Think Green GITS

I received this temari yesterday from Peg for the "Think Green" G.I.T.S. (Great International Temari Swap) through the TalkTemari Yahoo group. It took both of us much longer than expected to complete this swap, but Peg had a much more interesting reason than my hospital stay. She was preparing for the JTA (Japanese Temari Association) certification. We found out this week that she passed her certification! Congratulations Peg!


This Temari is a c10, with stars stitched on the pentagons, triangles on the hexagons, and white diamonds on the squares, but what I didn't see until I looked from further away was the negative space beautiful green flowers! There are other beautiful details too: the hanging loop, and the card she attached with her information. Now I want to hurry home so I can fondle it some more.

Thank you so much, Peg, for the beautiful Temari!

Hopefully she will receive the one I made in the next day or two, and then I will be able to post about it.

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MOM said...

This is beautiful. I can't believe how much variety you gals come up with. Are you bringing it for us to see, J?