Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Stitching is Finished!

I finished the stitching on Saturday night. I still have to add the treasures in the center, a carved carnelian leaf, a couple of pearls, and a couple of other beads, but I will do that when I'm ready to get it framed, so I can do a good job of ironing.


I have 3 pieces to frame (including this one), so I should probably do that next week. If I don't do it right away, it could sit for years before I get to it. Hopefully the framing fund can stand it.

I usually take my things to "The Great Frame-Up." You can save a little bit when you put the frame together yourself, and I no longer trust anyone else to mount my needlework. I accidentally discovered that one thing I thought was done well is actually adhered to the board, and the excess fabric cut off. Now there's no way to even go back and do it right, unless I stitch fabric to the four sides, and then there's the seams, and... So now, I do it myself! (Which of course, makes it easier to put off.)

We are in Michigan, enjoying ourselves. I hope you are enjoying yourself too.


Anonymous said...

wonderful - congratulations on a great finish! good luck with the framing.

Cathy B said...

Wow! What an amazing piece. Congratulations on your finish!

Karol said...

Wow!! Absolutly beautiful. Look forward to seeing it at guild.

Anonymous said...

This piece is magnificent. Have never seen anything like it. It's exquisite and what a LOT of work.

Valerie said...

Jane, your work is lovely! I was surprised at myself, I can tell this is a Martina Weber, but I do not recognize the chart! I am in the middle of her Holland Springtime, still plugging away at it. :>)

Pat Winter said...

Amazing! Love this.