Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thank you note

Yesterday I got a get-well email from a friend, and she included a thank you note and this picture of a sampler I made 12 years ago. I know I got a thank you note from her when they received this sampler as a wedding present, but it was wonderful to hear that they still enjoy and appreciate this.


I used to make a lot of wedding and birth samplers for friends and family, but I've been getting out of the habit. My sister dismantled a wedding sampler after her marriage ended, and I think some of the fabric got damaged. I had offered to remake it for her, but I think it was therapeutic for her to take a scissors to it; I have not had the heart to make too many wedding samplers since then. My grandson P got an afghan which was lost, so my granddaughter doesn't even have a sampler. She has had a smocked dress and doll clothes for her baby, so she isn't completely neglected, but I haven't worked on the dresses from her latest "order." Most of my recent stitching has been long-term, intricate, and for me!

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