Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swirl II

I'm really surprised by how different this swirl looks from the last one. This one looks like icing, and I can just imagine sticking my finger into it.

It is actually not exactly the same as the blue on cream; this one has hexagons and squares, not hexagons and diamonds. The stitching is closer together on this one. You can see less of the background. And I found out that you can add stitches (out of order) to fill up gaps.

The first one was a SAL from my Talk Temari group, this one was from the Inspirations magazine; thank you Marj for the loan of the magazine. I think, though, the main difference (improvement) is because of the practice, not from any difference in instructions.


I like this pattern, it is very nice to stitch on, because you can get in a zone. There are a lot of variations too; I think I will be trying some. You can stitch different shapes, and with more than one color.


Anonymous said...

lovely. i saw this in inspirations when you were on holidays and thought of you! btw you have sparked an interest in Chihuly - i just got a marvellous book from the library about him called glass and garden

MOM said...

These are just amazing! Can you say more amazing (grammatically) ? I have been showing off the two I have here and most everyone is also amazed (o.k., o.k.)

About Chihuly. There is anew one being installed at Meijer Gardens: big 'flower' shapes resting on a ceiling grid. We will go to see it one of these days. I think we will get a grandparents membership. They also announced that there will be a special showing next year, made especially for here. I wonder how they can think to put them outside where there could be hail!! Love you.