Friday, May 29, 2009

Some thoughts

The previous two years I went to the Rosemont Quilt show, and last year I went to the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee. I was also stopping at Joanne Fabrics a couple (at least) of times a month. This year I'm lucky if I stop at Joanne's once a month, and I skipped the quilt show; the bead and button show is going on this week, and I have no urge to go up there.

I did miss going to the quilt show this year, but mostly for the company; I had been going with a group of friends, and it was a fun day out.

I had been spending an amazing amount on my needlework but I finally found something completely engrossing in temari. Now I’m wanting to get rid of some things; my crazy quilting supplies, the needle felting stuff, and the polymer clay stuff. I’ve discovered that those activities do not satisfy in the same way as temari; I guess I had been searching. I seem to need more of a framework to thrive.

I'm not sure how to get rid of the stuff. I want to make sure it goes to "good homes," somewhere it will be loved and used. I've been considering eBay, or Freecycle, or give-aways. I asked about a classified add in our guild newsletter. I usually give old clothing and household items to thrift stores; but that would not work for this. I'm getting so frustrated, I even threw away a couple of (primitive style) patterns. (I can hardly turn around in my sewing room, it's not an inspiring place right now.)

I finished a temari last night, I will show you when the recipient receives it.


Marjorie said...

I enjoy doing giveaways on my blog. Or taking things and just setting them out at guild. Some things are easier than others. The thrift shop for the local animal shelters in Steger has always happily taken needlework and craft magazines, supplies, threads and fabric (Goodwill won't). And up in north Hammond, on Columbia, I think, there's a "recycle" center. From what I know, it's good for items that would be likely to be used by teachers, scout leaders, and others who work with children.

Anonymous said...

i would be interested in a swap - needlefelting supplies for something temari related...thread i guess!

Karol said...

I look forward to hearing on how you decide to "recycle" your crazy quilt supplies. I am going to be trying this and I am sure I am going to get hooked!

undeadgoat said...

Nothing wrong with giveaways . . . ;)