Monday, April 13, 2009

Details from Indian Summer Reflections

Since I'm working so exclusively on this design, and since you cannot see the details that make it so beautiful, I decided to crop my picture and show some of the details. This is from the 2nd border. The foliage is made up of 2 different variegated threads, and the flowers from a third. Then to add the finishing touch, the leaves are back-stitched with a green shiny Marlitt rayon floss. Since it was with just one strand, the stitching was not difficult. The Marlitt behaves very nicely when you give it a good stretch before you stitch. At the bottom of this border there is a row of beads, anchoring the stitching.


Martina's designing always amazes me. She cannot know how the two different variegated flosses are going to interact, but the combination gives a level of complexity that is amazing. And it looks so good!

DD visited this weekend, and (finally) brought some of her pottery to show off. I got this piece because she is not happy with it. Isn't it beautiful? The shape is real, and the colors, the turquoise, green and copper, are beautiful. (She is not happy with it because there is a flaw in the glaze.)


I am so happy she is taking this opportunity to take a pottery class, she has wanted to since she experimented with pottery in art class in high school.


MOM said...

Hi, hon. My good friend, El, is a potter, even teaches classes. She is her own worst critic. She volunteered to make pieces for our communion table and later a matching baptismal font (bowl). I think she made four before she was satisfied. Then someone broke it while moving it!!! She made still another and we are very pleased; I don't know if she is....

Anonymous said...

lovely pot. i like the idea of pottery - but i am NOT doing another hobby!
i enjoyed seeing the close up of your stitching - the variegated threads add a lot of interest.