Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This picture shows two details of the project. The cartouche has an oak leaf on a ground of sky and grass colors. The leaf is (again) formed of 2 different variegated colors, so again, all 8 of these on the piece are different and beautiful. The only improvement might be to back-stitch the leaf, but I'm not sure that wouldn't be too much. I'm still thinking about that.


The border that is below the leaf is recently finished, and has changed the look of the whole piece a lot, lightening it up. The back-stitching/top-stitching is over 3 to 4 threads. The eyelets and the triangles are over different (very slightly) maroon colors; that difference is so subtle that I'm not really seeing it. The two maroons show up again in the curlicues around the corners, but I think the difference will be more noticeable there.

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