Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What do you do with Punch Needle?

I was digging through the (black hole) basket next to my stitchy chair and found this finished project. It is called Angel Train by Prairie Moon. I bought the specialty threads for the main elements, but I bought DMC black for the background, and probably saved $20!

There is one church, there are 2 houses and hands, 3 angels, 5 train cars, 6 moons and snowmen, 7 trees, and 8 stars. It was sort of fun to make. Last year at the quilt show I got a hoop stand that really helped a lot, almost the equivalent of another hand. One hand holds the punch needle, and the other needs to manipulate the thread, leaving no hands to handle the hoop.

So now it is done. It is big for a punch-needle piece, probably around 6x8; what do I do with it? I don't want to frame it. It would be nice as a box top, if I had a box the right size. That's one of the reasons it made its way into the black hole.


Don't get me wrong, I really like it; it fits my Christmas decor (angels), and I had wanted to learn to do punch-needle since I was in the the first grade. (I know it was in first grade, because we were living in Oklahoma.) I got a kit as a Christmas present from somewhere, and my mom and I could not figure out how to do it. Looking back, I know we were doing it right, but we just had to pile the loops on top of each other. We gave the kit to our (older) baby sitter, who said she knew how to do it. A couple of weeks later she showed us the finished project, violets. I think she made it into a cushion (black velvet?). I never had the chance to learn until my guild sponsored a class a couple of years ago.

I have tons of patterns (I won them as a door prize) but I do not find working on punch-needle very relaxing. Plus using non-DMC colors really adds up the cost. Am I ready to divest from punch-needle?


Marjorie said...

Small pillow? Larger pillow with border around embroidery? Inset in a fabric cover for a photo album? Purse front? Inset into a tea cosy? Finished as a needle roll (cover the ends with gathered ribbon or yo-yos)? If you don't have a box that size, do you have a rectangular basket? You could mount it on card and use it as a basket cover. Finish as a small mat (a thick doiley). If you back it with card you could also display it on a small stand. Make into a pocket to hold holiday photos (5" x 7"s). Make a doorhanger.

BTW, I don't remember you ever showing and telling this finished piece, although I may have been awol when you did.

Anonymous said...

With all of Marjorie's wonderful suggestions, any idea I would have would pale in comparison. I'm simply not that creative.

But I just wanted to say that this is a beautiful piece. I always love looking at punchneedle, but so far, I haven't felt inclined to do a project. I have bought a couple, but in the end, I always have more than enough cross stitch projects to fill my time instead.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for a pillow. I have never done one of these punch needle projects, but I can't help but admire the way they look. Very nice.

Lelia said...

If you have it out during holiday time, I'd go for a wall hanging (of some kind)

Maybe put it on the floor under the tree? Before presents?

ok, maybe lame. I don't decorate much

I have a couple kits & just never started punching!