Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sets of Temari

I have two sets of temari to share today. Both sets are the same patterns stitched on different divisions.

This pair is stitched on a 92 and 122 multi-pole respectively. I really liked the 92 center one a lot, until I finished the next one; now it looks clunky next to the delicate 122 centers. I wanted these for reference, so I could visualize the difference between the two divisions.


This was a SAL (Stitch-Along) where we stitched a pattern on a c8, and then adapted the same pattern for a c10. (C8 is the square, C10 the pentagon.) I wasn't terribly pleased with the c8, probably because of my stitching, but it is too busy, without a good focal point. So I made my C10 with heftier (wider) bands and left off the final step, and I like it quite a bit more. It is bolder and more simple. We are planning on stitching this pattern on more different divisions as well, so stay tuned.



Gema said...

Felicidades por estas maravillosas figuras son autenticas obras de arte

Gema said...

Gracias,me alegro que te guste mi blog,todo lo mostrado en el lo hemos bordado mi madre y yo.En tu blog ha sido la primera vez que visto temari yo no sé hacer temari me encantaría aprender me parece precioso.Saludos.