Friday, February 27, 2009

Quiet week

It's been a quiet week for needlework. The rest of my life seems to be in high gear, and at this time of the year I'm not equipped to handle it. I haven't finished any temaris this week! I finished my class, and I am working on 2 SALs (Stitch-a-longs) with different groups, but on those I don't want to forage ahead too far, because then, what's the point? You miss the fun of stitching with everyone else. I have done some more work on a very intriguing division that I noticed in the Japanese book "Kii." It's trying to pretend to be a combination 10 with its 12 pentagons and 8 hexagons, but it is actually a simple 12 with extra dividing lines. I have the marking done, so now I just have to do the stitching. I haven't started stitching on my 122 centers yet (besides the centers of the flowers). With both of those it is a question of picking out the colors.

So, in my quiet, at-home evening last night, did I pick up a Temari? Of course not! I picked up one of my PIGs (Projects in Grocery-bag). I have several of those sitting around the house, and I am trying to clear them out. They are similar to a WIP (Work in Progress), except there is more of an aspect of storage, than of work.

Last spring I fell in love with the Lizard Ridge afghan from, so much so, that I started in on it. Finding all the yarn to use (you need 24 different skeins) was like a treasure hunt, and I could knit a square in one evening, which gave a great sense of accomplishment. So when I got done with the knitting, it became a PIG. Last night, I decided not to arrange the squares, but to just stitch them together in the order they were resting in the bag. I don't think it will make a big difference in the way the overall afghan will look. I got almost 1/2 the squares attached together in just one evening!


After the squares are all stitched together, they get a simple crochet edging around the outside, but that should not be a problem at all. I may have a finished afghan in a week's time!

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Julie said...

I love lizard ridge and started one square but never went any further. I can't wait to see yours -- I'm very jealous :)