Monday, February 23, 2009

Our final assignment for class was to write instructions on how to make this Temari. I succeeded in making the ball without any instructions, but I have not written my instructions yet. I wish I had gone with the traditional Victorian colors (maroon, cream, green) instead of making a statement.


I also prepared and marked 3 additional mari: the blue one is for the c8 to c10 challenge, the green one is a s6 with additional lines that really intrigued me, and the white one with gold stitching is my multi-pole, 122 centers, ready to begin stitching. They aren't very exciting to look at, but they are very meditative to make.


I have to make one more mari, on a smaller base, a s12 for a obi/thimble ring stitch along. It turns out that Japanese people who made temari also made their own thimbles, which were, of course, useful and beautiful as well. A new group is working on collecting, translating, explaining, and demonstrating patterns on how to make these thimbles. They don't fit over the tip of your finger, like the thimbles we are used to, but are in the shape of a ring, and protect the side of your finger to push the needle. I could have used one on the white/gold mari, my fingers were getting very sore by the time I was done with the marking. I also had only about 4 inches of the metallic thread left when I got done, I think I lucked out on that.

As you can probably tell, it turned out to be a restful weekend. Our dog Jake got fixed, and is requiring a lot of attention so he can heal properly. It is very difficult to keep a Golden Retriever puppy calm and quiet. He's not being a good patient. We stayed home to watch over him, along with DD J, who also helped puppy-sit.

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