Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home work

I finished the mystery Temari from my "Blue Stars" class. I think this Temari turned out very nice for not being sure what the pattern would look like before I started.


I also finished my Birthday swap, but I won't post that picture until after Rob opens it in April. I got the final lesson for my class, so I can finish that Temari tonight, and then there is a challenge in that lesson as well; so I will start on that one. I have my temari marked for the c8 to c10 stitch-along. I have a couple of bases made, but I think they are too large for the "Thimble-ring" obi stitch-along; I will have to make a smaller base for that one. I also want to start looking at the 122 centers, which involves a lot of stitching; that one will take a while. And I have to trace the pattern for the temari globe so I can transfer the pattern on to my fabric.

I love not being bored!

My friend who sent me the √Ďanduti from Paraguay sent me a picture of her latest quilt, made with a couple of motifs. You can see it here. I think her quilt is very creative and beautiful.

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