Monday, February 16, 2009


This is my 92 face temari finished. I am very pleased by how it turned out. I ended up using a pink for the final petal color, and leaving the extra hexagons blank. It took 6 days of stitching to finish this one!

I really like how there is a little glint of gold in the center of each petal. The marking is not at all even, but it's close enough for me. I want to do this same pattern in the next step up, starting with 42 poles, and tripling those to 122. There will be more blank hexagons, so maybe I can stitch some leaves on that one.


I'm almost done with my next swap Temari, but I ran out of white pearl cotton last night. I need a yard! After I finish that one, I can work on the 2 mystery balls that came in my lesson (words explaining the pattern, but no pictures or diagrams).

To do, after I finish those, our group ran across pictures of viruses on line. My first thought was "Temari Balls!" We are talking about working some of them up, and communicating with the authors of the site, to see if they are interested in a collaboration. It reminds me of the crocheted reef that was on display in Chicago last year.


Anonymous said...

Your temari balls are lovely. This one with so many sides is beautiful. Seems like you are really enjoying this "temari" time as well.

Anonymous said...

You have such a great eye for color! I always love the combinations you choose for your Temari projects. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing and beautiful!

Marjorie said...

amazing temari ball. I love the virus idea, how exciting. Those images do look like they need to be done in fiber of some sort. Temari would be perfect.

Paula Hewitt said...

Hi Jane
This is lovely. Thankyou for the polymer clay tools - they arrived last night. I am almost finished a little thankyou gift! it will be on its way shortly