Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still plugging away.

I did my first C10 division on this ball on Tuesday night, and I was so excited I just admired it for the rest of the evening. Last night I started stitching on it and discovered that 1) it's not as even as I thought at first and 2) you have to make sure your little pentagons line up with your big pentagons or it will look funny. I didn't discover this last fact until all the little ones were stitched, and I was starting on the next step. Luckily, only 3 of the 12 were wrong, otherwise I'm not sure I would have changed them. I'm all set now to continue stitching.


At the girl's club last night I was very encouraged by their enthusiasm. One of the girls "got" crochet and finished the body of her pot-holder, and every one else decided "well, if Alex can do it, so can I" so every one was working hard. My co-counselor is also enjoying the project, so things are going well. I won't have them in a class again until the new year.


I have been watching the corn grow all summer out my window at work. Finally this week they are harvesting it. I could see the golden kernels pouring out of the machine into the trucks to be transported. It's a big field, and a lot of corn grew there! Farming just amazes me!

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