Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wedding Day

I tried to post this yesterday from my tablet, and was not successful. I don't turn on my computer every day any more, which is one of the reasons posting has been so sporadic. I will try to catch up on the activities this summer.

DD1 got married!  It was a small wedding with just close friends and immediate family, and it was lovely. She got many complements on the dress from Macy's even from a total stranger walking past on the sidewalk when we were packing up!


This is my mom, my sister, and me. This is the dress I bought at Marshall Fields Macy's this spring.


My dad married them in the patio of the restaurant.


Don't C and P look great! C didn't think the wedding would be legal if DD1 didn't have a flower girl, and she was ready and willing to take that responsibility. C was rather upset when she found out there was not going to be a flower girl... so DD1 took care of her and made her the ring bearer, and also gave her the responsibility for a reading, along with her mama and the groom's sister.


Here's my siblings. They clean up nice, don't they! Brother Ric, Sister Joy, Sister Val, and BIL Steve.


DD1 had a vision for the tables, and spent a lot of time getting them ready. The little birch branch planters were favors for everyone. The burlap table runners were fringed and had a satin ribbon insertion made by yours truly, and her mother-in-law, who is a florist, put the flower arrangements together.


The food was so good! It was the major entertainment, which makes sense when you realize most of the guests work in very nice restaurants. This was the sweets table, with such a nice selection of goodies that not very many people even got wedding cake.


We are so happy for them, and wish them many, many wonderful years together!


There are more pictures on my flickr site, if you are interested.

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Lelia said...

Such a festive occasion! Best wishes to the bride+groom and families ; )