Thursday, February 13, 2014

Christmas presents

I can tell I have been remiss in my blogging since I haven't even shown you the Christmas presents I made. I put together about a dozen of these baubles. They each have a teeny tiny mari in the center.

I had so much fun picking out colors!

They are very like a c10 temari; dodecahedron geometry. They use "Tila," peanut, drop and seed beads. After the first bauble I haven't had to look at the pattern again. They are very logical to put together.

I also finished the Citron Grande shawl for my mom in chambray/denim color.

I used some of my binary stitch markers to mark the increase spots, so I didn't have to count (and count and count) my stitches; plus it turned out a lot more even than mine. I did run short of yarn, and had to stop after 9 pattern repeats instead of 10. I love how it turned out though. Now I just have to get it to my mom... can someone stop the snow?

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Anonymous said...

Hi those little beaded baubles. They do look just like little termari balls. And the shawl is beautiful! You do such lovely work! Miss you.