Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Try to catch up

Hi! We are still here... I have a few items to share since I've been gone. The break was not for any specific reason, just that I got out of the habit... not good!

One of the big things we did this fall was P's science project.

 Here's the scientist. You can see that we already had the Christmas decorations up. His thesis was that more dense woods would burn slower and make a better fire. We got to burn stuff!

 P did say that next time he wanted to pick something he could do inside! It did get very cold by the end of the 3 experiments. We sat inside and monitored the fire through the window by the end, it was almost freezing.

If you are wondering, the woods were Pine, Oak, Pinion, and Birch. Oak was the final winner.

 We are so proud of the work P put into this. His school had a very good system of requiring the intermediate steps along the way, so there was no last minute panic. He got 97 out of 100 on the report!

After the report, he had to prepare a Power Point presentation (in sixth grade?). There too, we worked at it a little at a time, making one slide each evening. By the end he was doing all the steps by himself, except for asking how to make the slides fade one into the next. He got an A on the presentation! And he was only one of 4 who was asked to enter his project into the Science Fair, with a chance to go on an extra field trip. Unfortunately, he is not available on the day of the fair, so he cannot enter, but he was considering it, which I found amusing. He was quite worried that his original paper not go over 2 pages, because anything over 3 pages was going to be considered for the fair.

We are so proud of him, he is doing so great in school!

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