Monday, July 15, 2013

New Project started

I finished 2 projects last week, plus my shawl the week before, so I felt perfectly comfortable in starting a new project. Here it is, modeling some of the new stitch markers in use. They are wonderful to use; no catching on anything, and just the right size.


DD1 spent the afternoon on Saturday, and while we were sitting talking on the front porch my hands were busy with this:


Three sets of binary stitch holder dangles. (They are not in order.) On the top set I added a blue bead to the red and white, just because it is July. I still have to make the soldered loops, but that will just take a couple of minutes.

I mentioned I finished a couple of projects. Here is a hand towel made out of cotton thread. I like how it turned out, but I did not enjoy knitting it. The crosswise stitch you can see is a yarn over that is pulled over the 2 next regular knit stitches. It was not a fast knit, and then cotton is not as much fun to knit with either.


I also finished a cowl with lace-weight hand spun yarn. I love how this one looks, but I will have to wait until cooler weather to find out how it feels.


At our summer program at church I am teaching knitting. Here is one of my students doing her homework. G is the same age as C. Isn't this a wonderful picture?

We are considering remodeling the house to look like a shoe. We have added P's dog to the mix... since P & C's dad is moving Danny would not have had a home so we took him in. He is another golden retriever. So far things seem to be going okay... hopefully it will only get better.

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Lelia said...

your stitch markers look great; however, I do not knit!!!