Sunday, January 6, 2013


Today is the first day of Epiphany, and it lasts until the beginning of Lent. I will close my series today with the three gifts the Magi brought to the baby Jesus

gold as a precious metal
I am sure this gift supported Joseph and Mary and Jesus while they were refugees in Egypt, fleeing from Herod. 

VS Gold

frankincense as perfume or incense

Incense was used as a representative of prayers to God, when given as a gift to Jesus, it indicated his divinity. 

VS Frankincense

(Please pardon the poor picture--I got a reflection off the glass.)

myrrh as anointing oil

Myrrh was a symbol of Jesus being anointed as king, and of Jesus' death, even at his birth. It was an odd gift for a baby, but not for new-born king. 

VS Myrrh

I LOVE these patterns. They are from Victoria Sampler, and I fell in love with them when I saw one started at a needlework shop. It was so much fun using all the different fibers and metallic threads. I just wish I had a good place at home to display them.

Thank you for following along this Christmas season. Tomorrow we go back to our regularly scheduled blog.  I do have some backlog of things that happened

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Creativity Station said...

This has been a beautiful series of posts from Advent through Christmas and Epiphany. As good as any devotion I've read this Christmas. Thank you for sharing your wonderful and faithful embroidery.