Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's been going on

I finally admitted yesterday (to myself) that I am depressed. It is not a severe depression, just more of a persistent case of the blues, but it has been here for some time. When I mentioned it to my family, they all said, "Duh!" I wish they had told me, I would have started doing something about it sooner. Yesterday I went for a walk, and I hope to get some exercise in today too; that is the main thing to do to get over a depression. Of course, when you are depressed it is hard to get going too. I hope that working on this will help me get back to my stitching. I miss stitching temari so much, but when I think of picking up a needle I just get faced with a big wall of blank, and I can't do it. I will be okay, but thank you for listening.


Cynthia Nicole said...

sounds familiar. this too will change...hopefully!

Temari Addict Australia said...

Here I am sending you a big hug from Australia.
Good work on admitting to yourself how you are feeling, it can be tough to do that. Sounds like you have a plan in action, I am told walking out doors is the best way to shake off the blue dog... also good for your butt too. When you feel ready treat yourself to Stitching something for fun, don't worry about it being for a stitchalong or JTA or whatever just do something for you in a colour you love.
Rebecca from Perth

PS. Remember as will all things this too shall pass

Moonsilk Stitches said...

Getting moving can be a great help; I hope you're soon feeling better. I missed visitng with you Monday--you left early and I never got back over to you. I'm looking forward to the 17th.

Laura B said...

I am so sorry you are down. Having to fight major depression that arrived after my disability I know it is so hard. I hardly got out of my pajamas this whole week, but I've got myself a butt-kicker coming a few hours a day now in the form of my 3 year old granddaughter who won't allow me to be a bump on a log, so I've found my jumpstarter. I didn't stay in bed this week...maybe next week not only I'll get out of bed, but I'll get out of the jammers and walk the dogs with the baby even if it is only to go one house away and back.

Remember, you've a whole pool of people out in the ether if you need ears, and from the looks of your blog, and meeting you, you've a wonderful family to support you.

Rebecca is so correct that this too shall pass.

Sending prayers your way.