Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advent, Day 13

I think this picture is out of order... I am not sure if it is out of order in the pattern, but it surely is in my presentation.

This story is the source of the phrase: "Your God will be my God" but it was said to a mother-in-law, not to a significant other. Ruth was married to an Israelite in Moab (the family had moved there to escape from a famine); the father and both sons had died leaving Naomi alone. The other daughter in law (Orpah, who's misspelled name is very famous) went back to her family, but Ruth didn't want to leave Naomi or the God she had come to know, and traveled back to Israel with Naomi. There they were provided for by the laws God had given and eventually met and married Boaz. Ruth too is in Jesus' genealogy! She was David's great-great grandma, and because of her David always had a special relationship with Moab.


I love the little birdie on the roof with the straw in his mouth!

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