Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter is coming

I don't know if I mentioned how much I am loving knitting mittens. It is a small project, but with a lot of gratification for finishing a pair. Here is the pair of mittens that started it all, with a scarf, a tam and a beanie. These are for my cousin who lives in Michigan. I hope she likes them!


Here is a second set of mittens I finished; they are from a kit from KnitPicks; a pair of mittens for every winter month. These are the October mittens with falling leaves and acorns on the thumbs. I love the colors... but the thumbs are a little tight. But I have 5 more sets to make, so by the end I should be an expert, right?


I am working on a set of wrist-warmers for DD2; luckily she caught me in time. She had admired a set of gauntlets from my new Vogue Mitten book (I told you, I'm a little obsessed) but after I had cast them on, she realized they went over coat sleeves, and she wanted something a little smaller.

DD1 has put in an order too, and I'm making something for my sister, plus a little bit of Christmas knitting, so I better get back to it.

I am planning on sharing my Mary Beale Advent Calendar, starting tomorrow; I have 23 of the 24 days done. Hopefully I will get done with the 24th one too, before I need it on Christmas Eve. The pressure is on!

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