Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just a little giddy

I have been waiting to post this until I took some new pictures, but I cannot find my camera. I looked for it yesterday from 2 PM until supper time. I got a lot of cleaning done, but I did not find my camera, so this post will be pictureless.

The Homewood Embroiderer's Guild will be participating in the Hearts 'n Hands Quilt Show on October 6 and 7 as a guest! This is working out really well for our guild. (You are all invited to the show. It will be at Columbia Central School at 94 Richton Road in Steger, Illinois.)

I was looking in my FUPpie (Finished Unframed Projects) drawer for things I could prepare for the show... and I had quite a stack. (I was going to show you the stack...) I also had quite a stack of coupons from Joann Fabrics, and I thought... this might work. DD2 and I went to Joann's, and the frames were all 60% off! I got 6 frames for $60; the most expensive one was $24. (My daughter says my Dutch is showing.)

I haven't started pulling them apart yet, but it won't take long to frame 6 of the pieces from my fuppie pile.

We have close to 150 pieces to display at the show... come out and see us!

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Laura B said...

I'm so happy to see someone else cleaning like I do, lol.

I get so much done when I need to find something too!

Post pictures when you stumble across it, last time I lost mine I found it in the arm wrest bucket of my car.