Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Last Hurrah of Summer

We had a lot of fun this summer, mostly close to home. We participated in the summer program at our church. C was in the "fun and games" workshop: water balloons, sidewalk chalk art, tag, etc. She was nicely exhausted when she got home. P participated in the carpentry workshop, and got to use a chain saw! =:-O This is a picture of him receiving prizes at then end, tools for his own tool box, a screwdriver, a tape measure, and several other things. IMG_1790 After this presentation we all went outside and watched them launch the rockets they had made. He had a grand time. I am having computer issues. My own computer will not link to the Internet at the moment, while every other machine in the house is linking with no problems. So I am using DH's older computer, which has its own issues; one of which is that I cannot edit my pictures. Please pardon all the extraneous background. Also, I am having trouble editing this post; I hope it makes sense. Munster Memorial Park This park as a small memorial for each of the wars the US participated in in the 20th century. I was a little shocked by how many there were. Here is C posing with the lady representing "the home front" during WW II. IMG_1780 I liked this view of the helicopter: it almost looks like it is taking off from a swampy jungle area. IMG_1783 Here is P posing with a map of Vietnam. He was quite interested in all the exhbits; it was a nice place to visit. IMG_1784 Again, I apologize for the way this looks!

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