Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What plans?

My plan for last week was to keep on working on my WIP pile... not so much!

Last Wednesday a friend asked me for a couple of chemo caps in "winter" colors for a friend of hers. Of course, I said yes, but I only had one ball of yarn that might be considered a winter color in my stash, so I had to order more. I had just cast off one hat, and cast on another, so I had to finish that one and then two more; all I have been doing is knitting.

Here are the two finished hats, one with 2 small crocheted flowers, and one with a felted flower.


Now I have to get them to her. I hope her friend likes them!

Are you familiar with the "seasons" method of color dressing? It was all the rage a bunch of years ago. My sisters and I all went and got our colors done; I don't know how unusual this is, but in my family we have all the seasons represented. I am a summer, my mom is a winter, my middle sister is an autumn, and my little sister is a spring! I guess that is what you get when one parent has redhead genes, and the other is dark with olive skin.

I did pull out my TAST sampler last night; didn't get too far, but hopefully I can still get caught up.

Today is our 36th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary, sweetie!

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Moonsilk Stitches said...

Lovely hats--they look great.
Happy anniversary!