Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not there yet

So far this week I have worked on 5 different projects from my WIP list. In case you forgot, here's the list.

Black lacy shawl,
5 guild projects: beading heart, the sudoku puzzle, a surface embroidery angel ornament, a set of 3 biscornu, and my needle book.
I want to get re-started on my TAST sampler.
The chemo caps are an on-going knitting project too.
And I have the scarf set I promised my cousin.

Of course, skipping around, working on different projects means you don't get everything done you work on. But I did finish 2 projects! Plus I worked on chemo caps, the biscornu set, and my needle book.

Here's my finished sudoku puzzle.


It's not very beautiful, but it is very interesting to look at and study, and it was a lot of fun to stitch. There are two different sudoku puzzles (9 different colors or patterns, with each one used only once in each square, column or row.) The circles represent number 5, and the square eyelets represent number 7, for the patterns. I was going for pastel rainbow colors, but I think I veered into darker colors toward the end.

Three of us did the programs for our guild this past year, and we found a sudoku pattern in Needlepoint Now magazine. That one was very beautiful and coordinated, but I didn't follow the plan. I did get the main idea there, though, to use 2 sudoku puzzles, one for the patterns, and one for the colors. I hope other guild members finish theirs; you know they will all be different!

I also finished my lacy shawl! but you will have to wait for pictures until I can get it blocked. I have been working on that since August. I have already made plans to wear it to a wedding we are invited to this summer!

Two finishes in one week! Woohoo! I will try to do the same thing again for the coming week, knocking out WIPs, but I cannot promise. I am getting some new yarn in the mail, and my friend gave me a slipper pattern yesterday. Felted slippers! (The yarn has arrived! Stay tuned to see how long I can resist starting the slippers.)

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