Monday, March 5, 2012


So, I'm feeling a little scattered lately... and I was wondering why. It couldn't have anything to do with too many WIPs (works in progress) could it?

chemo caps (I have 8 balls)
1 skein scarf (over 1/2 way)
desert colors scarf
hat, scarf and mittens for cousin
hydrangea bag
green hobo bag (needs to add zipper)
black lacy shawl
stash bought:
world and US map afghans
hooded vest
yarn for hexagon scarf

sewing projects:
smocked outfit for C
amp cover
needle book from NANI (just have to stitch in the felt pages)

beading heart HEG project
sudoku HEG project
angel ornament NANI project
Springtime in Holland mandala
hidden names alphabet sampler
12 face calendar temari
12 mari for HEG class next Monday
knitting, weaving, and spinning samples for presentation to C's class on VIP day

I keep working on one project and then another for a couple of hours, without finishing anything (to have anything to show you).

I was hoping to have a whole stack of chemo caps to take up to Rush Pres Hospital when I go to my annual check-up at the end of May, but I keep on giving them away! So far I have made 6, and given away 4. I found a new pattern that uses the same thread too, except it uses 2 balls. If I get bored with this pattern I will try that one.


Debi said...

Hi Jane,

I seem to have the opposite problem. I've finished all of my WIP and am having an awful time getting restarted again. So I am left discombobulated in the evening with no nice stitching to do. :-(

You and I should get together. :-)


Moonsilk Stitches said...

Wow, I thought I had a lot going! You've got a lot to keep busy with. I find it very sad that it's so very easy to find women to give chemo caps to--too many are needed. It's great you're helping to fill that need.