Tuesday, March 20, 2012

gauge vs. size

I decided, on my hooded vest to knit in my own gauge, but make a smaller size sweater. According to my calculations, and a segment on Knitting Today, that should work. I'm already about 1/2 way done on the back! In my head knitting a sweater is such a big undertaking that it would take years and years, but I think in actual knitting acreage it is a lot smaller than the Navajo wrap I made, and I knocked that out in 3 months.

I also realize that I am 4 or 5 weeks behind on TAST. I decided it is because I made a plan (in my head) for the chain stitch, and then didn't know how to carry it out, so I procrastinated. (As DH says, Put your surprised face on, that is my usual way of handling stress.) So now I decided something different to do with the chain stitch, so now I have to get it out of the bag.

I realized on Sunday that I only have 3 blocks left on my Advent Calendar, after the one I am doing. Two of those blocks are actually from the Christmas Story! So now, this is official: I want to finish this in time for Advent this year. I also had a light-bulb moment: I think I want to use canvas as a mounting base, to hold the weight without sagging. Now I call that progress!

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