Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saturday in the City

Last Saturday, DH and I decided to go into the city. I wanted some origami paper; DD1 had given me a globe origami book because the pictures reminded her of temari, but each globe takes at least 30 sheets or origami paper, and I had given mine away when I taught a girl's club several years ago. So I need some paper.

(Luckily, DD1 was free on Saturday too, so she came out and bummed around town with us. It was wonderful to spend the day with her!)

This is a little shop in her neighborhood. We didn't go in, but I wanted to. I love the sign in the window "Stuff for Sale Here." I also got a kick out of the mat on the sidewalk with the doggie sleeping on it. I could tell it was his regular spot. Maybe next time we are in the area... there is a very nice candy store next door that carries "no sugar added" chocolates that DH can eat, so we will be back.


I thought we could go to Togouri Mercantile, where I got most of my Japanese temari books for the origami paper. Unfortunately, when we got there, they were closed for inventory! I was pretty bummed. That's the second time in a row that my plans in Chicago were a "no-go" because I didn't call ahead.

We managed to find something to do, though. We ended up going to the Container Store, and Whole Foods. At the container store, I finally found a small case for knitting accessories. I had bought something at a grocery store with no dividers (big enough to hold knitting needles), and something at a hardware store (big enough to hold crochet hooks) but both of those were really too big to put in a knitting bag. The one I got on Saturday has a space for a small scissors, enough room for crochet hooks, and I can even squeeze a couple of DPN (double point needles) in in case of an emergency. I knew if I kept looking, I would eventually find the exact thing I needed.

Whole Foods is always fun too. I have been buying hand made soap there. It is not cheap, but the bar we are using now has lasted for 6 months, and I love the smell. It is a small indulgence. I also bought some beans and lentils to make soup.

For supper we ended up in "little Vietnam" at the Tank Noodle Restaurant. DD1 and C had taken me there on Mother's day this year, and I wanted DH to experience it as well. As the name of the restaurant says, most of the dishes are huge bowls of soup, with noodles and other flavors. I ordered dumplings, DH had meat-balls, and DD1 had a curry flavored soup. I couldn't finish mine, but I did eat all the dumplings and all the chicken. It was yummy!


I did finish another hat and a pair of mitts for DD2:


Don't you love all the different buttons?

I have been plugging away at the wrap for DD1, and I am over 1/2 way with the knitting, but most of the time this week I have been reading Dorothy Sayers mystery novels. I got all but 1 for my Nook (and all but one of those was free!!!): Unnatural Death, The Unpleasantness at Bellona Club, Murder Must Advertise, Whose Body, Strong Poison, Gaudy Night, and Busman's Honeymoon. I am still missing Have His Carcass. I really like these mysteries, and I tend to re-read them. I finished one at midnight last night, and will read Busman's Honeymoon today.

My favorite author (Diana Gabaldon) posted a review yesterday of her favorite author; I couldn't find the first book in that series for the Nook, so I bought a used paperback copy, just to see if I like it. I can't wait until it gets here... a new series is always so exciting!

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