Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yesterday was a very nice day!

I started the day with my shawl knitting. Starting the day that way is really helping, setting up somewhat of a routine, and meeting a goal first thing in the day.

I had such a nice day yesterday, that I wanted to share it with you. We are having company. C & P are visiting their auntie in Colorado, so mama and Po are staying with us. Po is a black and white hamster (Panda coloring) and is named after the hero in Kung Foo Panda. He is a little shy of us, yet, but is getting used to all the hubbub.


So, having DD2 here, I took advantage, and we rode out to House of Stitches (and lunch at Arby's). This is what I got at House of Stitches:


It is for a Martina (Weber) Rosenberg mandala, called Herbularium, an herb garden, so I thought fabric the color of dirt would look nice. I just love these colors together. This is the same designer from Holland Springtime Mandala, and a couple of other pieces I have done.

I got a phone call to go out for lunch on Friday! And DD2 and I got some cleaning done.

After knitting, I put in an hour or two on HSM. These are the outlines of delft tiles, not too colorful, but very pretty.


Supper was easy and good, and then I went to guild, and had conversation with good friends. My secret stitcher gave me this packet of post-it notes which will be an amazing help while I am knitting.


Here you can see the blue arrow pointing to the point on my pattern where I have to start tomorrow. Knitting went well this morning too, and I finished my 4 rows in less than an hour, and put in the next rescue row.


I hope your day is as good.

Today I have to grocery shop, and stop at the farmer's market, and assist at a cooking class for kids. Not as much fun as yesterday, but maybe more useful.

Talk to you soon!

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