Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have a commission!

There is a little progress today! I wrapped and marked two mari yesterday! One c10, and one c8. I hadn't picked up a mari for weeks, but I can tell you it will take longer than I have been away to forget how to do winding and marking. It feels really good!

My mom liked the felted bags I pictured last time, and asked me to make one for her! So of course, I had to go to the yarn store. I also needed another skein of the alpaca yarn for my lacy shawl (they had one more skein, in the right color, and the right dye-lot! Woo-hoo!) I caved and bought the yarn for a felted bag for me too. I also have the crochet done for 1 1/2 Christmas presents, and I am knitting a ruffle.

I am still reading about Claire and Jamie. I just finished Fiery Cross. It took me forever! I figured out it was because there was an episode where Roger (Jamie & Claire's son-in-law) gets injured and goes into a depression, that really hits too close to home. I knew it was coming up, and I could only force myself to read a page or two a day until I got past it. Now I am reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes; hopefully that will go more quickly.

There are supposed to be a couple more warm days this week, and then I hope we can turn off the air for the rest of the season. I love having the windows open... it really helps you feel more connected to the neighborhood. Every morning, I hear kids playing outside just before it is time for school. I love it!

Talk to you later!


Anonymous said...

Love felted bags. They are beautiful although I have never made one. Look nice and large.

LW Warfel said...

I'm a windows open person, too, Jane! Love seeing your beautiful handiwork.