Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Monday

I made a temari! It felt like forever since I had made one, in fact, it was a couple of weeks. This was practice for the najiri or interlocked tecnique that we visited on the class last week. The temari I was copying from a Japanese book had 24 squares, this one turns out to have 12 squares and 12 diamonds. I really like the colors, and I got a lot of practice, so this one is a success.


I really like the lines that form the squares on this one, made with 2 colors. I think the combination really gives it some depth.

I promised I would show the finished tulip meadow when I picked up Holland Springtime Mandala again, so here it is. I think it turned out wonderful! I think this is the motif that made me pick this project to stitch now.

As you can see, I could not keep my hands off it, and picked it up again last night. This is how far I got on the "west" onion. This one has a lighthouse, with less confetti stitching than the last section, so it may go faster.


DH and I decided to do some reorganizing in the house. We are going to move his music room to the basement, so there will be room for a group to get together to practice, but that will involve some building. It will also involve quite a bit of upheaval to get things reorganized. I am also planning on changing my stitching room as well. I have located a couple of areas of the house that would work better with shelves up, so I can move patterns and supplies to those locations.

This morning I went out in the yard and worked a while before the promised hot afternoon, and got a blister! I like gardens better on linen and silk!


Eseya, Muñecas con historia said...

Me encantan tus temaris! Espero algun dia poder hacer cosas tan lindas.
Sigo aprendiendo!

Cynthia Nicole said...

Beautiful color palette on that temari!

Laura B said...

The colors on the temari work so well, I'd have not thought of the combo but I think I'll have to steal it when I can get back to stitching!!


karen said...

love your looks very complicated? thanks so much for the birthday wishes too, Karen

Rebecca said...

Is there a pattern for your temari?

Rebecca in IA