Tuesday, April 26, 2011

C10 Swirl

I finally finished stitching this swirl. When I was planning it I didn't realize how much stitching it would take.

It looks better from a little farther away. The fans of thread almost look three dimentional.


I am very pleased I was able to figure out this pattern just from seeing a picture of a completed temari, and it turned out okay, with a lot of room for improvement. I think this is one of those projects where practice makes perfect.

Thanks, everyone for your kind wishes on our anniversary!


Laura B said...

Nice colors, well done!

Temari Addict Australia said...

Wow I love it, well done. I also liked the progress shot you showed a few posts back, it would have been nice even if you'd left it half done.

mica said...

That's a beautiful temari. You've inspired me to try and make one. My first one is horrible, but I'm quite happy that it actually turned out kind of round! My second one is in already in progress... I hope if I keep making them that one day, they will look at least half as nice as yours!