Wednesday, April 20, 2011

C10 Swirl

I am over half way stitching my current swirl temari. It is a different pattern from those I have done before. The first half stitching was very tedious, and I was having trouble sticking with it, but now that the pattern is starting to reveal itself, it is getting much more exciting.

The swirl is based on a c10, without any extra guidelines. Mark your c10 with the thread you will be using to stitch. Then stitch a swirl design in each of the 10 small triangles that make up the pentagons; half of them clock-wise, and half counter clock-wise.

I was afraid of getting confused, so I did all the clock-wise stitching first. When I did that, the only thing to look at is how uneven your stitching is. It was very hard to keep going on it. Now that I am stitching the counter clock-wise triangles the design is starting to appear, and I can tell it is going to work out.

Now I can't wait to see the whole thing! The only thing is, there are 60 of each kind of triangle! Again, I am worrying about running out of thread, but I do have a second spool of a very close color, so I should be fine.

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