Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cherry Blossom

This is the temari I stitched from Saturday's Ustream class. It is a kousa or all-over pattern. I like it because the stitched pentagons hide the nuts and bolts of how it was stitched and it becomes very beautiful and very mysterious, even though the stitching itself is not hard.

The negative space shows the Cherry blossoms; I think the delicate silver metallic thread was an excellent choice to go with the two shades of pink.


Next time I make this pattern (and I do plan on there being a next time) I would make a couple of different choices about the placement of the colors. The green line marks the beginning of the stitching on the pentagons, and it highlights too much the difference between the two steps in the stitching. If I had continued the dark pink for a row or two after the green line, and then switched to the light pink, I think it would have looked better over-all. But I really like it! It looks like spring!

When I stuck my head out the back door this morning to let the dog out, into the time-change darkness, I heard robins singing their hearts out to claim their territory. It sounded like spring. It is supposed to warm up this afternoon too, and feel like spring. I think we made it.


MOM said...

Could this be my favorite? I think it is beautiful and am also anxious to see the year temari and the GIANT!

Laura B said...

Beautiful. I do love the sakura, it is such a beautiful pattern. I'm gonna have to do another, every time I do one, someone visits and leaves with it!!

So very feminine as well.