Monday, December 20, 2010


We had a nice weekend. I wrote about the Christmas program yesterday, but Saturday was fun too. DD1 spent the day down from "the city" and she and her dad got some Christmas shopping in. I got in a little shopping, plus some time on my own for stitching, best of both worlds!

I remade this temari because I liked the first one so much (this is one of the ones I did not get a picture of before I gave it away). This one is stitched with Vatican Gold and Silver braid, and is not as sparkly as the first one, but still turned out very nice. There are 8 different 6-point designs, hopefully mindful of snowflakes.


Then I got a little tired of Christmas and snow colors, and picked a couple of more spring-like hues for this one. It is just 12 stars stitched "najiri" or interlocked style. The original was more complex, because they filled the space with the stitching. I was not precise enough in my placement of the first row of stitching for each color, so I quit while I was ahead, and it looks very lacy.


DD2 suggested that I take a picture of the tiny temari I have been stitching next to a regular sized temari, just to give an idea of how little and how cute they are.


I got some stitching in on my Alphabet sampler as well, completing these letters. Quite a bit of progress for one weekend, I think! The blue letters take much longer to stitch than the teal letters.


Last night C came up from the basement asking why the floor was wet (?!). After some investigation, it came to light that the hot water heater had sprung a leak. DH is on vacation this week, but the intent was for him to have some peace and quiet, not to be wrestling with a hot water heater. Of course, the extra bill at this time of year was not welcome either. But the Lord provides, miraculously! Ten minutes after arranging to have the heater installed, we found out we would be receiving a bonus, plus back pay! God is good.

There is a project group on-line that is planning on stitching something new every day for the first 15 days of January, with the plan of finishing all 15 items by the end of the year. The idea is very intriguing, but I cannot face 15 more WIPs (works in progress) plus the pressure of having to get everything done in this year. I am going to modify the plan, and stitch on something different every day for the first 15 days of January, but I will include current WIPs as well. That way I will be clearing out old projects as well as beginning new ones. I will work up a list, and let you know what the final plan is.

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