Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alphabet Stats

I am uncomfortable showing a close-up of the alphabet sampler this time. There is just too much information available in a picture, so I will just tell you how far I am. I am one letter short of finishing my 6th alphabet (155), I have finished 4 sets of numbers (40), and 2 partial alphabets (29), for a total of 224. That is almost 55% done. That is a little deceiving, though, because I am just about ready to start the large monogram. If I count the monogram as a whole alphabet (because it will probably take about an alphabet's length to finish) I am just about 53% finished, which is still not bad.

I have been working on cleaning up my sewing room. I want to clear off my sewing table enough to keep my sewing machine up there, getting it off my dining room table. I am making progress, but there is a ways to go. As I am cleaning, I am discovering items that I am never going to use. I have been the repository of other's clean-up projects; several pieces of aida, a couple of pre-stitched needlepoint canvases (the kind my grandma M used to work), several punch-needle patterns, a silk canvas golden retriever that my eyes won't let me do, and a knit beaded purse, with the fiber, beads, purse frame, and pattern. If you are interested in any of these items, let me know, and it is yours.

I also found a whole stack of projects that are completely stitched, but not finished. I am thinking of showing pictures of those when I don't have a sampler picture. However, I'm on vacation this week, and I'm being lazy about taking pictures.

I am looking forward to tomorrow! The whole family will be here, all squeezed around our small table. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, getting together without all the hubbub of decorating and presents. I am so thankful for my family! I am also thankful for my home, my pets, my job, and my hobby.

I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, if you are the US, celebrating with your family, or wherever you are in the world! I am thankful for you too!


Olly said...

Hi Jane I'd be interested in the golden retriever or the purse if still available. I'm in the UK though - is that OK? Olly. My email is

MOM said...

We had only(7) at the table: 2 sisters, their spouses and a nephew who we haven't seen in 20 years. We have had as many as 13 for Thanksgiving. I don't know if I could do that any more. We had a wonderful Thanksgivign service in church this morning (a vanishing breed) with many spontaneous thanks from the congregationl. Amen to them all