Friday, May 21, 2010

Project Progress

This is a laundry basket full to overflowing of washed and dried (preshrunk) cotton fabric. This will hopefully become a rug. The tile you can see at the bottom of the picture is what I want to cover with the new rug.


The first step is to rip it to shreds. Here are three pieces of fabric ripped into strips; I think I am going to have pretty big muscles (or else be very sore) by the time I'm done. In the class I took the teacher showed how to rip one piece of fabric in about 5 minutes with a special technique. I tried it, but I am going to have to get stronger. I have around 25 pieces of fabric to rip.


I wanted to hang the strips on hangers instead of leaving them bunched up together. Hopefully this will keep things from getting tangled, and will make it easier to pick colors when I finally get to the fun of stitching.

I am very happy to say that I stitched for several hours last night. I am very pleased with how my bracelet is turning out, and can't wait for it to be finished so I can show you.

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