Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thimble Tuesday

Well, I finished this thimble last night. It is a new pattern, that I haven't made before. I think it turned out absolutely gorgeous, but of course, I can't take a good picture of it. The pattern would have shown up better if I had used colors with more contrast, but the rust, red, and orange make it look very rich.


I've been looking through my thimble book, and there's a lot more in there than I realized. It's in Japanese, but I can figure out a lot from the pictures. They show a method of making the exact size mold you want. You measure your finger, and then you can make a mold in that exact size... I'm thinking of making one so I could wear the thimble as a ring. You can't get it wet, so it would probably be a temporary one, but Chloe Patricia says originally they were made to be used as a thimble for one project, and then they would be discarded, so a temporary ring would not be out of character.

The book also has a very cool method of measuring/marking your divisions. I'll try to get a picture of that too.

Four more sleeps until vacation!

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