Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Family Weekend

This past weekend was our annual family gathering. We have it at this time of the year, because when winter threatens my parents decamp to Arizona.

The adults sit together and talk.


And the kids run around. There was quite a din this year, but I didn't see anyone getting annoyed. Of course, the kids are all grand-kids and great grand-kids, and you know, they can hardly do anything annoying! LOL


C looking cute, as usual.


A is getting so grown up!


This is the best picture I could get of J. She was non-stop running.


I think G made the most noise, he was the littlest and was getting tired. But isn't he a cutie?


Here's T and G with their grandma.


Can you believe P's long legs? It took a while for him to warm up to the crowd, but he was enjoying himself by the end of the afternoon.

I'm so sorry I didn't get a picture of J. He was busy flying paper airplanes. My brother was making them. I was amused by how individual kids kept appearing next to him requesting an airplane (we had a paper airplane book). He claimed the first flight for each one, he was having as much fun as they.

As you might guess, there was very little stitching.

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