Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Done but not Finished

The Quaker Turtles have been my traveling project for a couple of months, and I am happy to announce that the stitching is done!


The medallions were a lot of fun to stitch; I was afraid they were going to feel too repetitive, but it was fun. I even have a little linen left to make a pin-wheel for my sister and a little turtle for C. I'm afraid if I don't give her one of her own, these guys will tend to disappear.

I have everything needed to do the finishing, the wool felt, the backing/lining fabric, the cardboard, and the batting. Now I just need the time, the place, and the courage. I'm hoping to work on finishing my Mystic Meadows box at the same time. The stitching for that one has been done for years. It's the courage lacking on that one.


This was the sky on the way to work this morning; I missed getting a picture of the rays shining out, but it was still beautiful.

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Deborah said...

Oh I am so jealous! I got all the stuff to work on these when you posted about them awhile ago. But I have not gotten started yet. I'll be interested to hear about how the finishing goes. I wasn't sure if I liked the instructions in the pattern when I read them.

They look wonderful!