Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tanabata GITS from Karen

I received my star/Tanabata temari from Karen last night, along with a box crammed full of cross stitch fabric and patterns. Thank you Karen!


There are 6 8-point stars in red, green and aqua and 8 6-point stars in light blue. (It is a c8 division.) I was very interested to see that Karen's mari was as dense and as hard as the ones I make. For me making them hard and dense is the best way to make sure they are very round.

Thank you again, Karen!


Chloe Patricia said...

Hello Jane,
My name is Chloe Patricia and I came via Debi's temari blog. I am not a temari maker but I belong to the same thimble Yahoo Group as Debi does.
I haven't read any of your posts besides current one but I just wanted to say hello. Your work is marvelous.
Happy stitching,
Chloe Patricia

Jade said...

Every time I come here I wanna start to learn temari making. In other words, you are an inspiring artist.