Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Level 1, Number 1 (maybe)

Here's the temari I've been working on since last Thursday. I think it turned out quite good; but I will have to get the evaluation on it to be sure. I will probably also have to work at getting a better picture.


I'm also wondering if I should do some pine needle stitching in the triangles, in a darker green. A gold metallic would be another possibility, or the squares could be outlined with gold.

All these possibilities are why I said "maybe" in the title.

I want to do all four of the level 1 temari in this color scheme. I'm planning my mitsubane (tri-wing) now. I can already feel my stitching improving just from this one temari. By the time I get all 8 finished (for levels 1 and 2) I hope to see all kinds of improvement.


MOM said...

I'm glad to posted a picture of this one which I saw in the beginning. It is beautiful, as usual. I can't comment on whether the additions you talk about would improve it or not. Love

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

Jane , this is superbly done, perfect!by the way , I love the colours!

Marjorie said...

Great colors. It looks great! I like your ideas, both the green and the gold. I think they'd be equally lovely. Hard to choose.