Monday, August 17, 2009

Office views

I moved offices (cubicles) a couple of weeks ago, and I finally got everything arranged the way I want it. Here's my windowsill with knick-knacks and temari:

From left to right we have Puerto Rico, India, India, New Zealand, (temari), Guatemala, Romania (with Ukraine) and an embellished ostrich egg.

You can also see a corner of my tea collection.


This is my embroidery wall (clockwise): Suzani, Mexican sampler, Myanmar batik, Paraguayan √Ďandut√≠, Chinese silk painting; Peruvian Arpillera, cross stitch in Arabic, Guatemalan mola, prayer rug from Uzbekistan, and batik from Indonesia.


Looking at these every day makes me very happy.


Karol said...

That looks like a pleasant place to work. I am sure it makes the day go better with those lovely pieces of art all about.

Lelia said...

What an inspiration --- you have made your space your own!

Taking Alex to Dentist, then helping the NANI committee put State Day baskets together

What a fun day for me!

Cathy B said...

Like Lelia said -- what an inspirational place to work with so many things that hold such meaning for you!