Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bead Emergency

I mentioned my bead emergency yesterday; I have another one today. I got the supplies for my Chatelaine project "Indian Summer Afternoon" in a kit. It came gorgeously packaged, tied up with ribbons, wrapped in tissue paper, all beautiful and nice.

The beads came in these little tin cups, with nice labels on each one that said what was in it; and it was nice not to have to scour shops and websites for the specific bead numbers I needed. The only problem is these little cups do not work for me. They did not stay closed in the containers I kept them in, so I have bead soup (a mixture of several different beads). Fortunately, I can tell the colors apart that did get mixed. Also, I tend to flip these little cups when I'm working with them; earlier this week I lost a sapphire bicone, and last night I lost an Indian Red one. I won't be able to finish the project until I get a new one.


Fortunately DD lives within a couple of miles of Caravan Beads, which carries all the beads I need. Unfortunately, the store hours and her schedule do not mesh very well. Fortunately, she has been bitten by the bead bug, and enjoys shopping there, and knows her way around; unfortunately we don't see her as often as we would like. Fortunately, I am on vacation next week, and there is a bead shop near where we will be visiting; if I can't get to Caravan I can go there, Bead Quest in Grand Rapids.

I told my mom last night I had a bead emergency. I had to repeat myself several times before she understood what I was saying, and then she laughed! DH understands the urgency, but everyone else just laughs. I'm so misunderstood!


Marjorie said...

Having had my own bead emergency this week, I totally understand. I have yet to find a happy way to store beads--tubes, tins, baggies, little bins and drawers. Nothing seems to be ideal. Good luck in getting your bead. And have a good trip!

dabolt said...

I feel your pain. Nothing is worse than being 'this close' to finishing and just not having the stuff. I've done it with temari before... running out of the right color thread with only two or three stitches left only to find that I can only get more via mail order. Grrrr.

BTW, I found a copy of the little turtles in my LNS!

Anonymous said...

how dreadful - a bead emergency. matt laughs at me when i say things like this too. some people have NO idea. i hope you recovered from your big adventure yesterday - how litigious society has become, how sad to sue someones estate for damages.

MOM said...

Having had some emergencies lately I sort of got worried when I heard the word, hence the laugh. I'll gladly go with you to Bead Quest.