Thursday, October 9, 2008

Silk wrap

This is my favorite wrap. It is 100% silk, and the colors are luscious. It is a tapestry from Thailand. The warp threads are the red/maroon color, and the weave is a tabby weave with the other colors woven through in the patterns you see.


I have a vest that includes the exact same colors as this wrap, so it makes a very nice outfit. It is amazingly warm, and I love to run my fingers over it. If my fingers are rough, they catch on the tiny strands of silk, but if they are smooth I can feel the tooth of the silk threads. The fringe seems to be sort of an afterthought. The fringes are a completely different color, and are attached with a running stitch. It's a good thing the silk thread is so strong!

This was a gift from my former boss when he returned from Thailand. He got one for his house as well.

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