Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Advent, Day 23

Here are a couple more angels. These are also MarBek angels; I used to wait for them to be published every year. They kept getting bigger and more ornate, with more specialty fibers, and I kept getting less and less time to work on them. I have files full of angel patterns that I have not stitched.



Since I bragged about Flickr yesterday, I guess it is only fair to say I just about had to show you my unenhanced pictures today. The editing software didn't want to work at first; I have to tell you, it was ugly!

This is my latest Temari, and I lost sleep over this one. It is a c8 division, which is then divided into 2 overlapping tetrahedrons (there are 2 sets of 4 triangles making a solid shape). I figured it out from a picture, but only after marking it once, beginning to stitch, and then pulling all the stitching off the mari. I think I was on the right track, but the first triangles I stitched were uneven. I was trying to use some DMC d'or thread, and it shredded, so this ball is marked with an inconspicuous pink #8 perle cotton. The finishing stitches are done with DMC #5. I am going to look at this one for a while yet; I think it may still need some bling. I might try to outline the inner and outer edges of each triangle with some metallic.


Jake (the dog) got a hold of it when I was out of the room; my family realized what a disaster that would be and rescued it. Thanks to their quick thinking there were only a couple of threads that needed to be adjusted. Thank you!


Paula Hewitt said...

wonderful Angels - the first cross stitch I attempted (it is still a UFO) is the design of three Angels you showed yesterday - it was so beatiful i had to buy it - but a bit ambitous for a beginner i think.
Lucky Jake he got rescued from his silly mistake when he did - It would be horrible for him to be in the 'dog house' for Christmas.

MOM said...

When you count your angels do you include all these??? I think the temari is spectacular. Bling could be added, I guess, but to my way of thinking it is beautiful as is. MOM