Tuesday, December 30, 2008

6th Day of Christmas

So the Wise men found the house where the baby lay.


I had a wonderful vacation day yesterday. My daughter and I went to a shop on Belmont and Clark, "Toguri" a shop of Oriental gifts. There was a section with Japanese groceries, books covering Japanese language and other Japanese cultural interests, cards, origami papers, paper lanterns, Japanese fabrics and some obis and kimonos, all kinds and shapes of paper lanterns, and a big section with Saki and sushi sets. A lot of the pottery was gorgeous. And they had Origami and Temari books!


It was almost as much fun as exploring in a foreign country!


I found more Temari books than I could afford there! I bought four of them, and I will be going back (or at least sending my daughter there for me). I sat and studied them; I am so excited! I think they have all the titles that are available. I got Cosmo 6, Cosmo 5, Shin Shu and Temari for 4 Seasons.

We had lunch at Ann Sather and shopped at a couple of used book stores. Then we went back to my daughter's apartment and spend the afternoon hanging out. I read my new books, and we talked and had tea. I had a cup of Key Lime pie tea. It was better than the Carrot Cake tea from the same company.

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Paula Hewitt said...

what a great shop - and four more temari books! I wanted to say thankyou - the temari arrived today -it is beautiful (the photos really done do them justice :) ). I will pay it forward on my blog shortly. thanks paula xx (ps Aust quarentine opened it because it seemed suspicious - i bet they thought temari balls were sushi or something edible - although why anyone'd send sushi through the post is beyond me!)