Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today is the day for the big drawing! Let's see, I promised 2 winners, and I have... 3 entries (one friend entered by e-mail, since she couldn't figure out how to comment). So I declare Everyone is a Winner! Paula, Averyclaire, and Nora, please send me your addresses, and I will get your gift to you before a year is up. Three guesses on what you are going to get! LOL

Here's the Temari I finished on Sunday. I really like it! It is a s10 division, with interlaced stars on this side, and a kiku design on the other side. The base is cone thread, the marking was done with DMC spool metallic, and the design is done with DMC perle #5. I just made up the interlacing of these stars as I went along, and it is really cool!


This is the other side. I think it would have been too plain, except that the white outline on the edge really makes it pop.


I seem to be sticking to mostly mono-chromatic or analogous color schemes, but I do that in my needlework too. I guess it's a case of "stick with what you know."


Anonymous said...

thankyou! i like the pattern on this one - you are right about the white outline. my email is
paulaandmatt@virginbroadband.com.au what is the deal with pay it forward - do i do it now, or after you send me something, or after Ive made something to send?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you. Whatever is my gift, I am honoured to receive it...you do beautiful work.

Good question, Paula, what is the answer?